I truly believe that logo design and development is one of the best investments your company can make. It is the identification that will be most used by your company and my goal is to create a design that is the true presentation of your personality and style. Every detail – from colors, fonts and the overall design represent elements that create a lasting visual impact.

I specialize in custom designs for weddings and events, creating memorable print material for all the significant milestones in your life. Love is about attention. I listen to your story and find the smallest details – from the paper selections and color palettes to the photos and fonts- to incorporate into each design to make it truly your own. I design everything and anything you will need for your special day!

I can design any print & marketing material your company needs all while keeping a consistent look to your overall brand. I love working with all the details of your brand elements to create a web design that carries your image from print to web. I am pleased to work with a talented web designer Marley Harris. Together we collaborate to create seamless brand imagery from your website to customized Face book and Twitter optimizing your social presence.